The Order 1886 PS3 Game Torrent

The Order 1886 PS3 Game Torrent
The Order 1886 PS3 Torrent
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The Order 1886 is a first person shooter game where you take the role of a knight and you fight with humans and werewolf-like creatures.

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The action takes place in 1886’s alternate history London and you play as an veteran knight, Sir. Galhan who is a member of “The Order”.

The Order 1886 PS3 Torrent

Your mission after you fight the rebels is to pursue the survivors in The Underground and there he encounters with a number of werewolf-like half-breed creatures called Lycans.

The Order’s environments are great and you will definitely like living in 19th century London. The action is mixed with a lot of cutscenes that in the end say a genuinely good fantasy story, and this is great to see in a game rather than somewhere you are used to, like a book.

Throughout the game you will meet historical figures like the legendary inventor Nicholas Tesla which will equip you with awesome looking victorian themed weapons like the arc gun and while you play you will hear stories of a new serial killer called Jack the Ripper.

The story is linear and great and you will learn a lot of history which is always nice, but you will have tons of cutscenes that will make you angry because all you have to do for basic actions is to pick, pull, flip, turn or point at different objects just to interact with them and feel like you are part of the story. But even taking a simple stroll down the street of London and listening to random dialogs makes us like the game even more because you can see that there was paid attention to every little thing.

The best moments in the game are the fights with the werewolf-like creatures and the cutscenes and slow motion hits and punches that you give look awesome and make you feel more of a badass rather than an old guy with a sword.

One thing that is annoying is the black bars that appear up and down of your screen that are supposed to give your game more of a cinematic look, but instead they block your vision from your enemy when you want to take cover and makes you feel frustrated.

But at the end of the day, The Order 1886 is a great game that rather feels like an interactive movie rather than a game, and that is not a bad thing, but you may find yourself thinking that is this a game or a documentary about mystical creatures. I definetly recommend that you get this game and give it a try, it’s free, you got nothing to lose and you will learn some stuff about history. What’s not to like?